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All persons can be considered as victims, a victim of an accident, of violence, of harassment...


To know your rights, you can contact the Victims Help Association, who have professionals and specialised services with the purpose of informing you, advising you and to defend your best interests.

The Victims of Criminal Offenses Help Association is at the service of all real persons who are victim of a criminal offence.

Due to this fact, persons who have been subject to damage where the cause is of a purely civil nature, is not suitable for the skills of this association.

The Victims of Criminal Offences Help Association is at your service to help you, to guide you, to support you and to listen to you.


The Victims of Criminal Offences Help Association, abbreviated in French, A.V.I.P, was created in July, 2014 in Monaco under the law, No. 1.382 of July 20th, 2011 in order to prevent and repress specific violence.

The A.V.I.P which is registered by the Ministerial Authorisation No. 2014-660 of November 20th, 2014, intervenes in the Principality of Monaco and proposes its services confidentially and free of charge.

The A.V.I.P. welcomes all victims of offences, advises them on the steps to take in order to assert their rights.


The A.V.I.P. is composed of volunteers who are members who use their knowledge to help victims of criminal offences by welcoming them at the association, understanding, providing information, providing an accompaniment, psychological help and an orientation designed to respond to their needs.


The A.V.I.P. advises you regarding the ways you can assert your rights and can accompany you with practical assistance, for example by helping you to press charges, or with bringing a civil action against your attacker.

The A.V.I.P. can recommend to you the first steps to take legally and administratively.

The A.V.I.P. can be present with you during your court case appearances and can help you, but under no circumstances can we act as your lawyer.

The A.V.I.P. can propose to you psychological assistance notably when the traumatism that you have suffered handicaps you during your daily life.


You can contact the A.V.I.P. at 93 25 00 07.

You can also leave a message on our website for the A.V.I.P under the section, contact us.

You can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We can propose to you a personal appointment and you will be met by someone specialised.

The meeting is confidential and all declarations and information gathered can only be used in your interest and to defend your rights.

All information, principally of a legal nature, is solely for you to obtain your rights and to help you to create a file with the purpose of obtaining compensation for damage suffered.